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The Best of the best 7 Destinations in Greece for 2019 Credits to Nick Kampouris

The 7 Best Christmas Destinations in Greece for 2019  CREDITS TO:  Nick Kampouris  – The Christmas lights in Syntagma Square, Athens Greece is globally-known for its warm, sunny summers, white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters, but the country offers much more than just those things, as lovely as they are. The surprisingly diverse landscape of Greece offers …

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How to find in Athens,Pet Hotels , Dog pension,hostel,Pet Sitters, Groomers, Dog Walkers.

Below you may find some hostels for your beloved Pet. Feel free to click on the links and choose the best fit for your pet for boarding.–greece

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The Greek law about having a pet in your home

Pet Law: Owners’ Obligations and Fines Newsroom, CNN Greece 06:00 Wednesday, October 17, 2018       Source: Pixabay According to the bill, the following will apply to apartment buildings: It is permissible to keep dominant pets in every home. Apartment blocks consisting of two compartments or more are allowed to keep dominant pets in each compartment provided that …


The most popular areas in Athens to rent and the ideal apartments

Property rentals have served as a “life jacket” for the Greek real estate market during the last seven years of crisis, as economic asphyxiation has pushed those seeking residence to prefer to rent than buy. “Pole of attraction” for prospective tenants are apartments of 2 and 3 bedrooms, relatively new or refurbished, at prices starting …

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The Best Real Estate in Athens Flat Hunting Guide

So you just arrived in #Athens, seeking a flat – you dont speak the language and you are stuck in a stinky hotel for the next 30 days or so if you are lucky. The situation in Athens is pretty bad to find a flat, due to Airbnb blooming. However don’t give up. I would …