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How to get around Athens Transportation and Taxis Transportation info in English Holiday season working hours IMPORTANT:     Athens Transport Tickets & Cards | How to get to the airport and the port of Athens | 20 places to visit in Athens and how to get there | Last updated: June 19th, 2019 Welcome to Athens! With an urban population of more …

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How to find the best Car rentals in Athens Greece

Best car rentals in Athens Greece

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How to find in Athens,Pet Hotels , Dog pension,hostel,Pet Sitters, Groomers, Dog Walkers.

Below you may find some hostels for your beloved Pet. Feel free to click on the links and choose the best fit for your pet for boarding.–greece

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The Greek law about having a pet in your home

Pet Law: Owners’ Obligations and Fines Newsroom, CNN Greece 06:00 Wednesday, October 17, 2018       Source: Pixabay According to the bill, the following will apply to apartment buildings: It is permissible to keep dominant pets in every home. Apartment blocks consisting of two compartments or more are allowed to keep dominant pets in each compartment provided that …

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Change your Driving licence to EU how to ?

Μετατροπή ξένου διπλώματος σε ελληνικό   Driving schools   undertake for you the process of converting your driver’s license into either an amateur or a professional one (categories C, D, E) issued by European Union (EU) countries or the states of Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, UK. PA, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Africa, South Korea, Switzerland or from countries …

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Find a job in #Athens #Greece

Feel free to join our FB page: Seeking for a job in Athens? below you can find the best websites to visit and land your dream job. Bare in mind that the wages are lower than UK – IE and other Big european countries. › en › jobs …