How to check my ENSIMA online? IKA, OAEE, EBRD

Insurance Curriculum

The Atlas Information System will gradually incorporate the time of insurance of all Greeks in all the Greek Federations.

The insurance period from 1994 to present for IKA, OAEE, EBRD and from 1998 to present for OGA has been incorporated in this phase. It also incorporates approximately 70% of insurance time from the two largest ERDF-SME sectors. A total of 2.8 billion days of insurance have been integrated.

The information from the ERDF-Media and NATO, as well as the OGA 1994-1997 will be integrated in the next period.

Every insured person has the ability to see and print the insurance time he has documented.

Access can be done in the following ways:

  • with the use of the ADAF TAXIS codes
  • using eIDAS codes

In any case, the AMKA knowledge is required. If you do not remember your AMKA you can search for it on the I AMKA page ?


click here and login with your TAXIS codes.

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