European Emergency Number The European emergency number is free and can be reached 24/7 from Greece, Switzerland, and any EU country.

The European emergency number (112) has become fully operational in Greece according to a statement of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection. The control center for 112 in Greece is located at the fire brigade operations center in Chalandri and employs 100 people.

Each shift includes an OTE telecoms operator–who responds in Greek, English, or French–and liaison officers from the Hellenic Army, Greek Police, the Coast Guard, and the ambulance service.

The European emergency number is free and can be reached 24/7 from Greece, Switzerland, and any EU country.

Other Greek emergency numbers are:

  • 100 – police
  • 199 – fire brigade
  • 166 – emergency medical service
  • 108 – coast guard
  • 197 – emergency social assistance
How does it work?
In each EU country 112 operates based on national data. In some countries (eg Bulgaria, Romania) 112 is the only number of emergency services covering all three emergency services (ambulance, fire brigade, police).
 In other countries e.g. United Kingdom, Ireland 112 operates in parallel with the unique national emergency number to which all calls are automatically forwarded.
Calling 112 from a landline or mobile phone, a telephone booth or an outdoor coin or card phone is free of charge
Number 112 operates within the reach of any mobile network. That is, even if your network does not operate in a specific location, you can call 112 as long as there is coverage from another network. Works with or without a SIM card on your mobile phone
When do we call 112?
In Emergency situations required to provide first aid, fire or police services. Such serious situations may be:
• Traffic accident
• Sudden sickness
• Accident at work
• Fire
• Explosions
• Earthquake
• Armed Robbery
• Terrorist incidents
• Suicide / death
What should we say when calling?
When making a call to 112, you will need to provide the following information:
• Name
• Phone number we call
• Address (precise location for easier access to help)
• Description of the incident we are calling.
We always hang up the phone asking if they want anything other than us. Call center staff may need some additional information or, if necessary, more information than you provided. Personnel answering 112 are well trained to respond in one of the main European languages. Offers assistance with any call or transmits it to the relevant emergency service. Coldness is the most important factor for the effective management of a serious emergency.

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