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The amusement park of Thessaloniki in the 80s

Article author: akmakas
Almost all the people of Thessaloniki have passed through the old amusement park. In our memories come musical laughter and voices. The lights and colors come alive as a vision in front of our eyes when we recall our old amusement park. The mill, the ballerina, the dugout, the electronic games with the old music of Packman of Charly and Pole position, but also that middle-aged man The all these memories send us back, far back in time. The amusement park was a station in the entertainment of the residents of Thessaloniki, young and old, an unforgettable experience that continues even at our days.
(Left) Rare photo of the amusement park at the end of Botsari Street.
(Right) Construction works of the new amusement park in Nea Salamina.
Looking back, we would like to dwell a little on the history of this amusement park and how this whole idea started. The creation of the amusement park belongs to K. Fotis Destounis and was first implemented in Thessaloniki in 1952 in its own space. at the invitation of K. Ioannis Vellidis at the 17th Thessaloniki Exhibition. K. Ioannis Vellidis at that time was a central member of the TIF, while later he was also chairman of the Board of Directors of the event. cross references as concerned atraxion.Eiche a tradition that had begun from the decades of 20 and 30 and each housed report, various games, acrobats, like the well known Round of Death.
The largest step in the park was in the 1970s, when the amusement park was moved to a permanent home and installed at the end of Botsari Street by the sea. majestically with their large lamps around the area. The classic image of the spinning wheel has been imprinted in the memories of most residents of Thessaloniki since the wheel could be seen even from the height of the White Tower Along with the wheel, the other toys also had their place, such as swings, shooting with various gifts to the winners, the racetrack, but also the early electronic games, such as wooden soccer and flippers.
(Αριστερά)Το γνωστό λούνα πάρκ όπως σε καλωσόριζε στα 80s
(Δεξιά)Βόλτες στα παιχνίδια του πάρκου.
In the eighties the park moved to a new place a little further down, and in the area of ​​the new beach in the Poseidon, where today is the Concert Hall. There he will start writing his own story after staying for twenty whole years. Park had now grown significantly, and had acquired new impressive toys which were ordered directly from the best factory that manufactured such toys and which was based in Italy and still continues to provide the more impressive new games. Taking a walk in the new facilities of the amusement park, you really get lost from the plethora of games since at every step you come to a different game. On the left you could find the lifting toys for our very little friends while below you get to know the agony of the magic racetrack that you had to throw small balls in some holes to get the horse to the end and come out the winner. on the right you enter the classic arcade electronic games that started coming in the early 80’s. Pacman, Phoenix, the unforgettable frogger, Ghost & Goblins and other unforgettable games put you in other worlds, while the music of Packman by Charly and his Pole position traveled to you p the future. Finally, the tall white-haired middle-aged man who was collecting donations from the machines filling the empty buckets is impossible to forget. All these memories send us back, far back in time.
The well-known online gaming room. That’s where we first met Pacman, Ghost & Goblins, Pole Position and more.
Leaving the electronics, the unforgettable Ballerina welcomes us with her asymmetrical dance, while next to the legendary Tacada with her spasmodic movements she invited the most brave to visit it. Potatoes and boiled sausages. An edible poem for those who are hungry. Finally on the beach we will find our favorite scary ghost train, the caterpillar train, the roller coaster that ran at breakneck speed, the building with the mirrors Those who get lost in it, the punches that are waiting for you to try your strength, fishing, next to the traditional rings, the classic boats, and finally unforgettable collisions become the favorite entertainment of the city at the edge of the beach to the sounds of her pop songs 80’s.
(Left) The ballerina dancing.
(Right) The legendary ghost train.
 In the late 1990s, the decision to build the Concert Hall at this point forced Elpida Destouni, the daughter of Luna Park founder Fotis Destounis, in 2000 to look for a new area to install the amusement park. that the city is starting to open outwards with new suburbs being created and the plot in the Patriarchal Gates seems to be ideal. This time the amusement park we knew would have nothing to do with the older ones. Now the park has taken on style and dimensions in the new era that wanted new, more intense emotions.
(Left) The new amusement park has been renamed Magic Park
(Right) The interior of the park has been upgraded as never before
So, in addition to the traditional classic games of the Park that we all knew, new addictive add-ons were added, such as the brand new roller coaster train train which caught much higher speeds with much more vertigo due to the much larger calls on the rails. and then the pirate ship, the hammer, the ranger were added, and all together they tied harmoniously into a much larger space in which whole scenes were created that strongly resembled a fairy tale.

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