Prosecutor and self-proclaimed for those caught catching fire in yards and yards

EL.AS will make patrols outside churches but also in open spaces, squares, holiday homes, pilots of apartment buildings on Easter Sunday. under the fear of the coroner’s spread.

At the same time, as we wrote earlier, from tomorrow intensive inspections will begin in tolls, ports, airports and will be extended to pilots of apartment buildings, squares and outdoor areas on Easter in an effort of EL.AS. to reduce the spread of the virus.

According to information from, there is already a plan in EL.AS. with patrols and in towns to avoid parties around the spear. Of particular interest are the controls on pilot pilots or apartment buildings where there may be small Easter gatherings of their residents.

These places are considered private and the police will make recommendations for the “dissolution” of the rallies.

If there is no obedience of the citizens, there may be a call for a prosecutor, the imposition of fines on all those present, and spontaneous proceedings may be instituted.

The goal of the Ministry of Health and personally of the representative Sotiris Tsiodras is when the Easter passes and with the strict implementation of the measures the cases are even less than today. After all, as has been emphasized at every opportunity, the citizens’ faithful observance of the measures



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