Greece is retreating to the global ranking – Deaths and Cases

Greece’s position in the “global ranking” of the mockery is improved . Specifically, our country dropped nine places in terms of cases, with 2,081 placing it in 52nd place in the world, while it is firmly in 17th place in terms of the European Union.
With about 200 confirmed cases per one million population (compared to 161 last week), Greece has a low rate, ranking 81st in the world, compared to 75th last Sunday and 66th ahead.
It is also – as seven days ago – 23rd among European Union countries. The global average population per million cases is about 228, so Greece is below the international average, while last week it was slightly above it.

Our country – with 93 deaths – is now ranked 39th in the world in the absolute number of victims of the disease, from 33rd place a week ago and 28th two weeks ago. It is also 15th in the European Union (14th seven days ago).
In relation to its population, Greece has so far had about nine deaths per million population (from seven last Sunday), which puts it at 49th place internationally (38th seven days ago) and 18th in the European Union (from 17th). The global average is about 14 deaths per million inhabitants, so our country is well below the international average.
In addition, having 75 patients intubated in a serious-critical condition (compared to 92 seven days ago), Greece is now 38th internationally in number of serious cases (it was 26th seven days ago and 20th 20th 14 days ago) and 16th in the European Union (from 13th last week).
Our country is also ranked 48th in the world (compared to 57th seven days ago) in terms of the number of Covid-19 patients who have fully recovered (269 so far), while it is 15th in the EU.
In terms of the number of tests which each country has done, Greece with 37,344 tests is in 53rd place in the world (from 50th last week). After all, with a ratio of 3,583 tests per million population, it ranks 66th internationally (from 57th).
The total number of confirmed cases on April 12 worldwide exceeded 1.78 million. The deaths exceeded 108,800, while almost 404,000 patients have fully recovered.
The United States (532,879), Spain (163,027), Italy (152,271), France (129,654) and Germany (125,452) make up the top five in confirmed cases.
The top five countries in the number of deaths are the United States (20,577), Italy (19,468), Spain (16,606), France (13,832) and Britain (9,875).
The data comes from the international database ( ) and has been processed by APE-MPE.

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