German Bookings on the Rise as Greece Opens Up

German Bookings on the Rise as Greece Opens Up

Picturesque old fishing boat on a house roof, Fira, Santorini. Photo Source: Norbert Nagel/Wikimedia commons
A significant increase in bookings for Greece, the Balearic Islands and Portugal has been recorded recently by German travel companies, which coordinate with tourist destinations in order to offer their customers safe holidays.

Germany’s main tour operators, including TUI, DER Touristik, and FTI, are gearing up for the beginning of the summer season by preparing health protocols and security measures in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic.

A spokesperson from TUI said he had worked very closely with governments, including that of Greece, who were preparing to welcome large numbers of tourists as European holiday destinations ready themselves for reopening.

Speaking to the German news agency DPA, he said there had been a rise in travel bookings to Greece, Portugal, and the Balearic Islands.

“The Germans’ interest in taking a summer vacation in the Mediterranean is real and now it will receive a new impetus,” he stated.

Many reservations were also made for the month of September, which signifies an extension of what is normally regarded as the tourist season in Greece.

“When tourist destinations, such as Greece or Croatia, send the message that they want to open up to tourists, demand immediately increases,” said Ralph Schiller, the chief executive officer of the FTI Group.

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