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Unprecedented intervention of a minister – The 55-year-old who tortured his dog was made available on the same day 

The PPC employee who was allegedly tortured horribly by hanging his dog and cutting his testicles with pliers was made available. 

Today, the Minister of Environment and Energy and Vice President of New Democracy, through a public intervention, informed that he asked the PPC administration to immediately address the issue with all due rigor and pointed out that such behaviors can not be tolerated in a modern society. Specifically, Mr. Hatzidakis wrote: “I was horrified to learn of the brutal torture of a dog allegedly committed by a PPC employee in Chania. I asked the management of the Company to deal immediately with the issue with all due rigor. “Such behaviors cannot be tolerated in a modern society.” 

According to company sources, the president of PPC demanded the immediate initiation of disciplinary proceedings against the employee who allegedly committed the heinous act. “Such behavior is absolutely reprehensible. “By decision of the president, the specific employee is made available until the completion of the disciplinary and criminal investigation of the case”, said the same sources.

This is the first time that a minister intervenes and requests special treatment for the alleged perpetrator from the Management of a company, which belongs half to the Greek state, after animal abuse. And the employee is made available. 

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