schools, restaurants, entertainment, courts and sports activities will remain closed until January 7, except for the European obligations of the Greek teams.

schools, restaurants, entertainment, courts and sports activities will remain closed until January 7, except for the European obligations of the Greek teams.

Government spokesman Stelios Petsas announced that the pressure on the National Health System is great and that the reduction of the viral load is slow.

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To this end, the restrictive measures are extended until January 7 and consequently schools, restaurants, entertainment, courts, sports activities other than those approved by the health committee, such as for example, will remain closed. the professional leagues of the Super League in football and the Basket League in basketball as well as the ski resorts.

According to the government spokesman, the restrictions on interregional travel and gatherings, the curfew at night and the rules for teleworking are extended until the same day and time.

Regarding the hairdressers, the churches and the retail, announcements will be made within the week, added Mr. Petsas. For museums and archeological sites, there may be announcements also at the end of the week, the government spokesman added.

Those who return must have a negative molecular test of up to 72 hours and will enter a 10-day preventive quarantine if they enter the country from January 7.
“The protection of public health is not on the scales,” said Stelios Petsas. We will do whatever it takes to save lives, he said.

The SMS to 13033 will continue to be valid as there are still many economic activities that remain closed, he answered, when asked about it. Asked about this, he pointed out that the 7th of January, which coincides with the opening of the schools, was chosen.
Mr. Petsas referred once again to the individual responsibility of the citizens, in view of the holidays, emphasizing that “we want a reduction of the epidemiological burden. We understand the need to see our loved ones. Avoiding rallies is key. ”
“Strong is the recommendation of gatherings with one more family or at most nine people,” he said characteristically.
Asked if the night-time curfew would apply specifically for Christmas and New Year, the government spokesman said it was something we would look into in the coming days, leaving the window open for lifting the night-time curfew specifically for those days.

Daily cases
The government spokesman stressed that “the average number of daily cases is on a seven-day rolling basis at 1,609 cases compared to 2,352 cases between 5 and 11 November, the first week of the second lockdown and 2,674 cases between 12 and 18 November. the highest daily number of new cases was recorded. The number of patients remains high at 4,008 people compared to 4,079 on November 20, while the seven-day moving average of the import index per day has decreased to 343 compared to 447 on the same date, with imports being balanced with discharges.

However, as he characteristically said “with such a large number of our fellow human beings and occupied ICU beds, there is still pressure on the NSS and doctors, nurses and other staff make superhuman efforts to offer the best services and save lives.”

He stressed that it is slower than expected “because of the fatigue of all of us after ten months of fighting with the invisible and insidious enemy, the coronavirus. It is indicative that comparing the second with the first lockdown, the mobility is increased by about 20% while the restrictive measures after the closing of the schools are essentially the same “.

He added that according to the latest data, there is a relative stabilization or even a slight decrease in the rolling average of cases. Also the occupied ICU beds are decreasing while the number of empty single covid beds is increasing 19 “.

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