Mutation: Even those with coronavirus become infected again COVID 19

Mutation: Even those with coronavirus become infected againHELLAS
23.01.2021 22:28
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23.01.2021 22:40
What infectious disease specialist Irini Iliaki, a Harvard lecturer, told OPEN TV about the coronavirus mutation
Warning that those who became ill from coronavirus may become ill again from the mutant strain does Infectious Peace Iliaki , lecturer at Harvard . However, speaking to OPEN TV , he estimates that our existing vaccines are covered by the mutated strain of Great Britain . “We see people who had the infection with the first strain and we see that they can be infected with a second strain , that is, the antibodies they had from the first infection were not enough to protect them.”The memory they had from the first infection was not enough to protect them from a second infection with a different strain,” says Ms. Iliaki.

Irini Iliaki, an infectious disease specialist and lecturer at Harvard University , is sounding the alarm that the new strain of coronavirus can penetrate the wall of antibodies even to those who are already ill. “You can become infected with a new strain within the first trimester because your immune system may not recognize it, your antibodies may not recognize the new strain of the virus, so there is a risk,” he added.

Scientists are also concerned about the effectiveness of vaccines against mutations. “There is concern, but what we are seeing so far is that they are holding up well, especially for the UK executive who is the immediate danger and we have to focus on the immediate danger and beyond that the other two executives seem even more dangerous but not means that the vaccine will have no effect.

According to the distinguished infectious disease specialist , the fear of new over- transmission is great, as well as the new percentage of vaccination needed to achieve the immunity of the herd, which has now risen to 90%. “This is the fear everywhere that this executive will take us back, it is a fact that we can not delete, this is the reality and that is exactly why he needs a lot of patience. Patience 1-2 months until the vaccine is released for good until enough people do it. “Just because it is so contagious means that we need at least 80% to 90% vaccination of the population now for herd immunity , while before we were talking about 60% to 70%” concluded Ms. Iliaki.

Concern in Greece about the “orphan” cases of the mutation
A thorough examination of suspected cases of coronavirus mutation is carried out in the laboratories of the Institute for Biological Research of the Academy of Athens, as scientists in our country are particularly concerned about the new coronavirus mutation that is rapidly spreading , especially in Great Britain . It is noted that so far the cases of the mutated coronavirus in our country are 27, of which 3 are orphans.

The question now is how this mutated strain of the virus is spreading. According to the report of the Open TV, among the samples which are examined are close contacts and relatives of the three ‘orphan’ cases with the strain coronavirus of Great Britain have been found in the country (two in Athens and one in Crete).

This test will show if there are other cases with the coronavirus mutation that have not yet been identified . Scientists are worried about the new, even more contagious mutation of the coronavirus and note that in combination with the opening of retail stores and schools, they may lead to November images regarding the NSS and the ICU .

For this reason , an extraordinary meeting of experts was held on Friday, January 22, at the Ministry of Health. According to Open, 5% to 10% of positive cases in our country will be examined in a special way in order to have a better control of the coronavirus mutation . The results of these special tests need to wait 3 to 4 days.
Great discussion about fabric masks
For the protection provided by fabric masks for coronavirus , experts point out that for months the scientific community has been giving instructions to the citizens. Therefore, the specifications that a mask must meet in order to be considered to provide protection against the coronavirus have become clear . Whether surgical or fabric, a mask should not allow coronavirus molecules to pass through.

As Despina Vlepaki clarified in Open, if the new coronavirus mutation changes what we know so far what we know about coronavirus masks, this remains to be seen from new research. However, experts make it clear that with the data so far the masks we use keep me safe.

“The instructions that came out in France speak more about the quality of the masks . We have said this relatively early “, said during the briefing on Friday Mr. Majorkinis and then clarified that the masks for the coronavirus are classified into two categories . ” Surgical masks and cloth masks can also be included in category 1 . It depends on their quality . The masks we have proposed, even the fabric ones, have very specific quality criteria that do not allow very small particles to pass through their pores “.

Then Gikas Magiorkinis clarified that the recommendations of the French Health Ministry ” are no different from those we have done for some time.” “The exact recommendation they have now given to people is simply to pay attention to the quality of the mask they are using, whether they are surgical or fabric,” Mr Majorkinis clarified .

Concern and disagreement prevail among scientists in our country to cover the masks in the mutations of the virus. Fabric masks protect less than surgical masks . White cones protect more than surgical ones . At this stage we are the fabric, it is enough! If due to a mutation they need to change, we will announce it “stressed Athanasios Exadaktylos , president of PIS, on Open TV.

OEODY announced today, Saturday, January 23, 605 cases, 24 deaths and 292 intubated with coronavirus in the ICUs of the hospitals during the last 24 hours. In relation to the cases recorded yesterday, Friday, there was a small increase, while the intubated, but also the number of our fellow citizens who ended up with the disease remained at almost the same levels.

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