Pan-Hellenic strike on Thursday: Who are participating, how will the means of transport move

Pan-Hellenic strike on Thursday: Who are participating, how will the means of transport move

Sunday, 06 June 2021 23:43

Pan-Hellenic strike on Thursday: Who are participating, how will the means of transport move
“Handbrake” will pull Metro, ISAP and tram, while ships will remain moored in ports
Public and private sector “roll down” on June 10, due to the 24-hour nationwide strike announced by GSEE and ADEDY reacting to the labor bill .

In strike asked to involve employees in the private and the public, and so far, have announced the participation of trade unions in constants transport and ships , and the Union of Athens Daily Newspapers.

Especially for the Means of Transport , “Handbrake” will pull Metro, ISAP and tram, while the ships will remain moored in the ports.

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Strike in MMM
With a 24-hour strike on Thursday, June 10, the unions of workers in fixed transport – STA.SY (metro – tram – railway) participate in the strike mobilization of GSEE – ADEDY – PAME, Federations and labor centers, against the labor law.

As reported, STASY employees are on strike and protesting against:

– In the abolition of the 8 o’clock,

– In individual employment contracts,

-In the abolition of the Labor Inspection Body,

– In weakening the strike,

– Abolition of collective agreements,

-In the abolition of law 1264 and in the attack on the unions.

“It is clear that this bill seeks to give a new overwhelming blow to the remaining labor rights, which in all the last years of the crisis have been the target of the policies of all governments and employers,” the unions point out.

Ship strike
For Thursday, June 10, the 24-hour nationwide strike of four seafarers’ unions is transferred, as well as the planned strike mobilizations by ADEDY and the Labor Centers of Athens, Piraeus, in order to co-organize a general, nationwide strike together with the GSEE.

It is noted that the unions react to the labor bill , while it is not ruled out that the other nine seafaring unions will do the same.

In a relevant announcement they state:

“We are participating in the decision of the Piraeus Labor Center for a rally on Thursday, June 3 at 7 pm in Korai Square and we are carrying out a 24-hour nationwide strike in all categories of ships on Thursday, June 10 from 00:01 to 24:00.

We denounce the provocative method of terrorizing the Association of Passenger Shipping Companies (SEEN), to resort to precautionary measures against the seafarers’ unions that had announced a strike on June 3. These challenges of the shipowners have been canceled by the seafarers with their struggle in the catapults of the ships and with the solidarity of the class forces. “We are not taking a step back from the right to work with rights, terrorism will not pass”, the seafaring unions of the Panhellenic Union of Engineers, the Panhellenic Association of Junior Engine Crews “O STEFENSON”, the Panhellenic Professional Union of Cooks state in their joint announcement and the Panhellenic Association of Lifeboat Crews.

The strike will start at 00:01 until 24:00 on June 10.

During the strike, a gathering of seafarers’ unions will take place in Karaiskaki Square in Piraeus, at 10:00.

ESIEA: Participation of journalists in the nationwide strike
ESIEA also announced its participation in the nationwide strike of workers on June 10 against the new labor bill, inviting all its journalists who are members to take part.

In a statement, the Writers’ Union states, among other things, that “this bill seeks to downgrade collective bargaining, with a parallel premium for individual employment contracts” and that “the proposed regulations facilitate the dismissal of trade unionists, cancellation of dismissal and the way is open for deferred payment of compensation up to 4 months after dismissal “.

Regarding the arrangement of working time through individual contracts, ESIEA claims that through it “the elaboration of labor relations is strengthened, the abolition of the 8-hour period is attempted, while in fact a reduction of wages is required since the increased working hours will be paid with a break”.

Finally, the announcement states that “the regulations of the arbitration are cut and sewn to the measures of the employer, as well as the special protection of the strikers”.

The concentrations of GSEE
The strike was decided at the GSEE meeting on May 31, 2021, where, as noted, the “protest of the working people against the new labor bill ” was expressed .

GSEE has planned for the same day strike rallies in Athens, Thessaloniki and Heraklion, Crete.

According to a statement from the Confederation, the rallies will take place at 11 am in Athens at Klafthmonos Square, in Thessaloniki outside the Labor Center of the city and in Heraklion, Crete also at the Labor Center.

ADEDY for the labor bill
The ADEDY calls on strike protesting against “the anti-labor bill for labor, repealing and scans rights and achievements of workers ages. In the coming days, they will submit it to the Parliament for a vote “.

According to an announcement issued by ADEDY: The bill submitted by the government provides, among other things:

The abolition of the 8 o’clockand the imposition of 50 working hours per week, through individual employment contracts. This is the biggest and most important counter-reform of the bill, which abolishes the most emblematic conquest of the workers, 135 years since the strike in Chicago and 101 years after the introduction of the 8 o’clock in our country. The additional 2 hours of work, daily, are unpaid and without prior collective agreement. They will be “returned” to the employee, when the company decides, with reduced hours or breaks or days off. That is, the employee, in an era of increased unemployment and extortionate dilemmas, in order to maintain his job, is required to… propose to his employer his additional employment, without additional remuneration. To consent, that is, “Voluntarily” in deprivation and the minimum time he has left for rest, education and family obligations. To become a living part of the business.
Criminalizing the trade union action and encroaches even more the right to strike. In addition to the well-known 50% + 1, legislated by the previous government in 2018, for the strike, it provides for electronic voting in the General Assemblies, thus abolishing the right to live dialogue, to debate positions and opinions, to ferment and finally to the composition . This is essentially the abolition of democratic dialogue in trade unions. Pharisaism and their hypocrisy have no limits, since on the one hand they ask for 50% + 1 for the quorum of the General Assemblies for a strike and on the other hand they legitimize the results of the pseudo-elections in education, which had a participation of 5-8% !!!
They abolish the most emblematic and philanthropic law in our country for labor, Law 1264/82. In the State, in essence, they prohibit the strike,since for the first time, in addition to the security staff, they also introduce the staff of “minimum guaranteed work” at a rate of 33.3% !!! At the same time, they refer to O.M.D. the strikes and until the mediator decides, the strike is suspended !!! These regulations, together with the repeal of Article 15 for the Committees for the Protection of Trade Unions and Workers from Dismissals, further diminish our labor rights. To an already denervated constitutional right, that of strike, where 90% of strikes are declared illegal and abusive, are added other obstacles, aimed at its further falsification, if not its abolition.
They abolish the Sunday holiday in 31 industries and companies, reduce overtime pay (if and when they are paid) and release redundancies, as the employer is no longer obliged to re-employ the employee, if justified in court. The abolition of the Sunday holiday benefits only the employers and deprives the employees of the only day of rest. At the same time, employers have no legal obligation to increase jobs, which will be further reduced due to increased overtime and 10 hours. A company with 100 employees and 10 hours of work per day (100 x 10 = 1,000 hours) benefits 25 wages, compared to 8 hours of work (100 x 8 = 800) 1,000 – 800 = 200, 200: 8 = 25 !! !
They are essentially dissolving the SEPE, removing it from the responsibility of the Ministry of Labor by transforming it into a “supposedly” independent authority, depriving it of the political responsibility for the observance of the labor legislation.

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