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Swan Lake by the Russian Ballet Theater

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s ballet Swan Lake is coming to the Piraeus Municipal Theatre, and even though it’s nearly a century and a half old, it’s just as electric as ever. This gripping love story centers around Odette, a princess turned into a swan by a sorcerer’s curse, and Siegfried, a prince; and your usual tragic case of mistaken identity (a premise that was elaborated upon to create the Hollywood cult fave Black Swan). Don’t miss your chance to see this famously demanding choreography and stirring storyline in the hands (and pointes) of one of the most skilled dance companies around.


  1. Price: €15-30, concessions available.
  2. Date: 09 October 2019 – 20 October 2019
  3. Programme: 10,11,14,16,17,18/10 at 17.00 & 20.00; 09/10 at 20.00; 12,19/10 at 15.00, 18.00 & 21.00; 13,20/10 at 12.00, 17.00 & 20.00 
  4. Municipal Theatre of Piraeus, 32 Iroon Politechniou Avenue, Piraeus, 185 35
  5. +30 210 414 3310
  6. Website



11th and 12th October 2019
SonarClub, SonarHall, SonarLab


Sónar Athens is the Greek edition of the pioneering international festival of electronic music and digital arts, based in Barcelona.

Sónar Athens represents the unique vibe of the modern Greek capital. A crossroads between East and West, and a melting pot of influences, steeped in history, the city is the perfect backdrop for a line up combining electronica powerhouses and exprerimental acts from around the world, while also presenting both established and up-and-coming local artists.

The line-up for the inaugural Greek edition includes 33 names, from marquee acts like Paul Kalkbrenner, Jon Hopkins, Modeselektor, UNKLE, DJ Koze to the best of the contemporary avant- garde with Caterina Barbieri, Tim Hecker, Rival Consoles and Shigeto.

The two-day festival will take place during the 11th and 12th of October at three venues: SonarHall, SonarClub, SonarLab (all located in Gazi area, in downtown Athens).

The timetable of the performances is:

Friday 11/10

20:15 lip forensics
22:00 acid arab
23:45 modeselektor (live)

22:00 her with fo b2b vrgn
23:30 worakls (live)
01:00 jon hopkins
02:30 boys noize
04:30 anna
06:30 roni iron

21:20 opioid slot machine
22:30 rival consoles (live)
23:35 or:la
01:00 red axes (live)
02:10 haai
04:10 john talabot

Saturday 12/10

19:30 blakaut
20:45 foreign beggars (live)
22:15 unkle (live)
00:00 paul kalkbrenner

19:00 dr. viberator
21:00 tim hecker (live)
22:00 hvob (live)
23:30 cj jeff
01:00 patrick topping
03:00 recondite (live)
04:30 enrico sangiuliano
06:30 alan fitzpatrick

20:50 lucius works here +oxlabb
22:00 caterina barbieri time-blind a/v with ruben spini
23:30 shigeto (live)
01:00 la fleur
03:00 dj koze
05:00 kolsch

More info about Sónar Athens to be announced soon.

Single day: 42€
2-day: 78€
VIP 2-day pass: 130€ (very limited availability) VIP Pass includes: elevated space, private bar and WC facilities, limited seats option, separate entrance point
Press contacts:

Athens English Comedy Club | October show!

1 October | Stamatis Spanoudakis concert ON SALE NOW HERE

5 October | Stavros Xarhakos Concert – ON SALE NOW HERE

7 October | Nigel Kennedy in concert ON SALE NOW HERE

8 OCTOBER | “Queen Symphonic” A Rock & Orchestra experience ON SALE NOW HERE

For some reason this particular district has acquired the ‘wrinkle’ of the supposed and glam. (Kolonaki)

Unfortunately, as Kolonaki has the right addresses for those who want to enjoy their drink in a relaxed atmosphere, with nice and cool music (from jazz to rock) and equally good prices.

They are historic hangouts, they are bars that we ‘melted’ during college years, they are the go-to destinations for beer on hand on the pedestrian street accompanied by fine musicians.

The following “iss” are our favorites in the alternative Kolonaki.

Minnie the Moocher Jackalow
6, tel .: 210 3641686

It borrows a lot from the trend of prohibition (leather seats, mysterious lights, music that refer to jazz atmosphere of the time …) but maintains at the same time a completely unique style. Special mention is made of its cocktails, with generous amounts of alcohol all, and jazz, funk and swing music that the console loves so much. Note that you will find it open early for atmospheric coffee. Cocktail prices start from 8 €.

Jazz in Jazz
Dinosaur 4, tel: 210 7258362

One of the oldest and most authentic jazz hangouts in the city. We especially enjoy the completely sui generis décor, while the ambient ambience is complemented by rigorously selected music ranging from ragtime and the first era of jazz to the mid-1950s, leaving Bee Bop and other offspring strictly outside. Plus, low prices on drinks, starting at € 4.

Delphi Hippopotamus 3B, tel: 21 0363 4583

The classic, alternative Kolonaki hangout adorns its interior with cinephile memorabillas, creating the ideal 50’s atmosphere, removing tables in its small and cool courtyard and … filling our ears with beautiful rock sounds that alternate between sounds. . Often dense in its decks are hosted by radio producers, while its prices are anything but… columnist. Drink starts at 6.5 €, beer at 3.5 €.

Skoufa 47-49, tel: 210-3645888

With its godfather the street that hosts it, Skoufaki stands out for its unpretentious familiarity and its mini dimensions. A staunch student hangout, it hosts music on a daily basis by sophisticated DJs who take charge of its decks and makes every visit to its site musically unique. Nice and its cocktails (from 8 €). A simple drink costs 7 €.

Poco a Poco
Loukianou 13, 2107222844

Small and alternative, the Poco in Loukianou could be described as a neighboring pub: playing fine music on rock, retro and “traced” Greek paths, serving fine spirits, wine and cocktails and not saying no to our accompaniment Nice homemade pizza. As time goes on, its outer space is full of people who… pour it out with a drink in Luciano’s hand. A simple drink costs 7 €.

If there is a will, there is a way… bars in Athens for flirting!

The fact is that in the age of social media the flirting may have shifted a bit, waiting for you to “like” to send a personal message, but for those of you hoping that there is something beautiful out there, you should you know that your chances are likely to increase and reach your goal!

Athens is definitely not Paris but you can only call it one of the most erotic cities in Europe. It’s those nights you only go for a drink because you have to wake up early the next day, but you’ll come home early in the morning. So the other way around when you design something, it’s probably going to be something different. So you just have to let go, enjoy the relaxed moment and you never know what will happen next to you in the bar, in just one moment.

Yes, there are those bars that do not have much space, but they can host and dance at the same time, cling to the first shot or ask for a lighter for your cigarette. We suggest five atmospheric bars that flirt not only are “intense” but why you might not find what you have been looking for for so long.

The Gin Joint 


Στην Πλατεία Καρύτση απέναντι από το θέατρο Μουσούρη θα βρείς το Gin Joint. Εκεί θα υπάρχουν πάνω από 100 ετικέτες gin και πολύ απολαυστικά κοκτέιλ που μπορούν να αποτελέσουν την εκκίνηση μιας όμορφης βραδιάς. Κλασσική και διαχρονική αξία σε ρυθμούς swing και soul μουσικής με απόλυτα χαλαρό κλίμα και διάθεση. Ενα Gin Crusta με τζιν, χαμομήλι, λεμόνι, ζάχαρη, πιπέρι καγιέν και παπαρουνόσπορο είναι ότι καλύτερο για να ξεκινήσεις την αναζήτηση ενός έρωτα!

The Dude


A well-known hangout for his acquaintances, the Dude is a rule or why not an “institution” among the shops famous for their intense love affair. What helps in our case is that the whole bar is dominated by a long corridor, so that the space shrinks and you will never want to stick. So relax and enjoy it! We will also remind you of the small “hidden” loft on the first floor …

The Bank Job


The result rewards you. “Live as if there is no tomorrow. Here everything is clear. Flirt. Love, Love! ”Is the logo you will see on the shop site, so you know what is going to happen! Here, you will surely flirt and don’t forget to get a cardigan because you will certainly have no problem sitting for hours on the Kolokotroni pedestrian street talking to your new acquaintance. The shop is always full and small and … yes, December you will be standing outside! “At the bar straight as you look … you meet your love,” says a caption of the photo on his facebook page! So now you know …



Constant value and playful mood with a name from the most intense erotic time of year, which is Christmas. You will find it in Kolokotroni and you will be impressed with the fact that the shop is crowded all day long. In the night when the lights dim, the adornment highlights it and you have nothing to lose here than to catch the conversation next door. If you find that it doesn’t make you shop it has “awesome” spaces, so look for your luck elsewhere. However, if you don’t know it, you should try it.

Darwin Koffie-Ba r


Here’s everything under Darwin’s eyes, you know … You just have to go a little further north to find this secret Haimanta arcade in Chalandri. Small and atmospheric, the place ready to receive you to try your luck. The cocktail will be made by either John or Basil who know in advance how to create the right atmosphere in the bar. Beyond the issue is yours. An ideal day is Friday when the shop always has an event and your chances are extremely high. So go ahead!Source:


vineyard wine

Wine lovers say “Wine is bottled poetry” and we will not argue. A good bottle of wine with good company can be compared to nothing. The Vineyard Wine Cocktail Bar in Chalandri will give you the opportunity to try unique labels in a very warm place!

The new arrival of Chalandri comes with its unique identity to give the locals (and not only) something different to admire good wine and imaginative cocktails . Cocktails oriented to wine tastes, as the owner of the shop Mr. Dimitris told us .

At the Vineyard Wine Cocktail Bar you will be greeted by Somelier who will identify you in the wine you need to taste. Each character could be said to correspond to a bottle of wine. Both are unique and want their own… temperature.

vineyard wine 2

When viewing the Vineyard in Eleftheroton Square , you will find 6-7 tables outside, while passing inside you will see a wooden oriented design. Beautifully colored décor and proportional lighting make the Vineyard an ideal cozy place.

There you will find unique wine labels that change. To accompany your drink there is a variety of cheeses and sausages with Greek cheeses such as Chios wine and blue Euboea cheese, while the sausages you will find prosciutto, smoked moradella etc.

The Vineyard ‘s music choices come in Ethnic rhythms with Funk, Soul, Jazz, Cuban & Blues shades  .

vineyard wine 9

You can visit it daily from 18:30 onwards with the exception of Mondays, where the Vineyard is closed.

If you still want a quick escape from the routine before… reset the container again, then Vineyard is the perfect destination.

Address: Sq. Eleftheroton 8, Chalandri

Tel. Contact:

Facebook Page:   Vineyard Wine Cocktail BarVineyard Wine Cocktail Bar

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